I am a wife, mother of two beautiful children and continually on the quest to better myself. I will share my experiences, tips and adventures through motherhood in hopes that it helps other moms better the quality of their lives. I will share my stories, favorite products, review books and just share my random thoughts on how to be a great mother, wife and better person in the community.

About Aeli

Fifteen years ago, if you would have asked me where I see myself in 2010, I would have painted you a picture of an independent woman working in a fast paced job, living in the big city - possibly married, but with no kids.  The reality?  I am a wife (married 11 years), mother of two (a 27 month old girl and 1 month old boy), professional engineer with a graduate degree in Business - living in the suburbs of Seattle.  I must say I've accomplished a lot of what I've wanted to, but my life has definitely not turned out as I pictured above.  My current identity first and foremost is mother.  You hear many stories of professional women that have chosen to become stay at home moms and love it!  But instead, I found myself in a constant struggle between wanting to become the person I originally wanted to be and the woman I currently am now.

After the birth of my first child, I found myself having an identity crisis, unhappy with where I was, feeling like I had sacrificed my goals and wants in order to raise a child.  I tried to cope with my new life but was constantly searching how to go accomplish and realize my original ambitions.  But with the birth of my second child this year, I'm finding that instead of longing for the past, I am actually starting to embrace motherhood.  Instead of coping, I am now embracing where I am.

My hope is that this blog will prove to be an educational and insightful experience for me and my readers.  By having an outlet to discuss things that have helped me become a better mom, wife and better person in the community, my hopes is that I will learn a few things along the way and help others too.  My goal is to fully embrace the venture of motherhood.  Happy reading!