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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Keeping My Sanity

Today marks 4 weeks since my 2nd child was born.  I feel like I'm doing well considering the lack of sleep, trying to balance the needs of my 2 year old, and performing other household duties.  I'm definitely doing better than the first time around.  Why?  It could be that my son is much less maintenance than my daughter was at this age.  But more likely, it's my attitude toward motherhood that's turned a complete 180.  I'm embracing being a mother.  I'm enjoying it more, instead of seeing it as a situation I have to "deal" with.  

It sounds bad, but I was never one that could be a stay at home mom.  I've always felt the need to accomplish things, organize and get things done and have always needed a challenge in my life in order to keep my sanity - typical Type A personality traits.  My problem was that staying at home with a new baby that didn't respond to me did not feel like a challenge, and not being able to get things done really irked me.  I did not feel like I was achieving anything.

So what am I doing now that's different?  I've made a conscious effort to be more of a Type B personality.  Of course, I will never truly have a true type B personality, but I definitely see the importance of being more laid back and relaxed.  I see that in order for me to be physically and mentally healthy, I need to focus on the positive aspects of things, be more flexible, patient and be at peace with myself.  By being in the middle, I realize that picking up a challenge adds the spice I need in my life, yet I need to tame my aggressive and competitive side in order to relax and enjoy my current journey.

The following are a few "must-have's" and "must-do's" that has helped me incorporate "type B" personality traits and keep my sanity through this new period in my life.  Plus, I got to do some online shopping.
  1. Kindle - I got a new Kindle a few weeks ago and I LOVE IT!  It helps me feel like I'm learning new things when reading up on parenting related topics.  I feel challenged in trying to raise kids that are respectful, intelligent and emotionally mature -  and by reading, I'm feeding into my need to accomplish things on my to-do list.
  2. A Fashionable diaper bag - my current choice is the Oioi Chocolate studded leatherette tote.  It doesn't look like a diaper bag, yet it's big enough to carry and organize everything I need for 2 kids.
  3. iPhone - such an improvement over my Blackberry.  I love being able to check the internet and my facebook account when I'm out and about running errands.  It fills my need to be on top of things with the many apps available to organize my crazy life.  My one complaint is that my chubby cheeks tend to hit the screen while on the phone and I've hung up on people or pressed buttons several times now.  :)
  4. Movie mom Thursdays at my local theatre - Lincoln Square Cinemas puts on special movies just for parents who want to bring their kids/infants.  The theatre is full of moms and dads and their babies.  Kids are able to cry, fuss and whine without any judgment from other movie-goers.
  5. A challenge - my two current favorite activities that I'm learning about are photography and piano.  I feel like I'm learning and challenging my brain in picking up these two activities.  Plus - I get the benefit of accumulating great pictures of my family, and hopefully imparting a love of music to my kids. 
  6. A great haircut, eyebrow wax and new lip gloss - it always helps your overall state of mind when you feel like you look good.  It's been said that the outer self is a reflection of what you are feeling inside.  I'm always looking for easy ways not to look like a frazzled new mom.
A link to some of the products I've mentioned are listed below for your convenience:

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